Yoga for Our Nature: Kapha: Boost Your Energy<br>Melina Meza

Yoga for Our Nature: Kapha: Boost Your Energy
Melina Meza

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Deborah Y
Ooh! That certainly generated some heat! I felt a bit nauseous at one point - with the blanket underneath my shoulders - but that passed.
Astrid U
great practice for this morning!! short and energizing!!!!
Melina Meza
perfect, exactly what i had in mind!
Melina Meza
Deborah, sorry to hear your heat went up and you felt nauseous! Hopefully it was a one time thing!
Deborah Y
I'm fighting off a cold at the moment, Melina, so that might have contributed. I thought the heat thing was probably good, though, as heat = energy, right?
Meredith W
I recently started having sharp pain in back of my heel when I try downward dog or forward fold. I can no longer flex my foot without sharp pain in heel. Can you recommend any restorative moves to help my achilles tendon and calf muscle relax?
Melina Meza
Hi Meredith ~ In cases where you have pain, I"d first recommend that you ask one of your yoga teachers or physical therapists for their opinion so they can see you in action and see. As per restorative poses I'm wondering if legs up the wall or resting your legs on a bolster feels good? Or try lying on your back with one leg up, this is my favorite EASY way to stretch the calf area (Supta Padangusthasana - if you're familiar with that pose). That's what I can say from afar. I hope that helps.
Luna J
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I appreciate your calm presence and very much enjoy the practice you share. Thank you!
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fabulous! just the boost i needed. look forward to doing this again when i am short on time. thank you!!
Simon ?
Such a good booster. Love your beautiful words here Melina Meza.
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