Yoga for Our Nature: Rest and Digest Shortie
Melina Meza

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What a difference 23 minutes makes! This may be a "shortie" but it's a goodie ❣️
Thanks Melina.. great relax while doing Kitcheri Spring elimination diet for better digestion. Enhances the experience
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Love this one. Very effective on calming the tummy. :)
Thank you Melina! Feeling much more relaxed now and my tummy that was bloated and sore has settled. Blessings
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Love this one again... done in efforts to clear/enhance th ird chakra Manipura
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That was awesome! Thank you!
So nice to hear your soothing voice again since Montana! I love this one. Really is a great re-set after a frazzled work day and dinner... with this, I am ready for bed and  in a much more peaceful headspace. Thank you Melina! 
Great practice! Thanks, Melina!
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thank you so much i love this practice 
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Oh Melina, fall is approaching and I'm again saddened that Sleeping Lady won't be happening again this year.  In the meantime, I'll just have to rely on the amazingly rich practices here on the site :)
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