Yoga for Body & Mind with Jasmine Tarkeshi: Get Up and Go<br>Jasmine Tarkeshi

Yoga for Body & Mind with Jasmine Tarkeshi: Get Up and Go
Jasmine Tarkeshi

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Glenford N
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Thanks Jasmine. I was feeling flat and stiff after a boxing class last night. Now I'm lightly fired, inspired and ready to face the day.
Tracy R
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Loved the class! Now I'm ready to start my day. Thanks
Simon ?
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So good Jasmine. I love your direction into the deeper side. And always with a joyful smile. Blessings!
Glenford Tracy Simon Thank you so much for joining the class! I am full of joy to know this practice has brought a lightness to your step and energized your body and spirit. I hope to see you back on the mat soon! Love, Jasmine
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nice pace - instructions well integrated with movements - thanks v much
Rachel B
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I really enjoyed this practice. Well choreographed flow with good cues. I found myself engaged by Jasmine's energy and clear joy in her work. I would appreciate more 20/30 minute practices at the 1/2 level from Jasmine (if you are so inspired).
Shannon Crow
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Feeling awake and energized! Thanks Jasmine
Tesa Urbonaite Dunn
Lovely practice! Thank you:)
Kate M
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Perfect for an early evening energy slump today! Time to get supper happening...! Thank you, Jasmine : )
Renee R
Thanks so much for a warm, bright, awakening.
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