30 Minute Yoga Flows: Heart Expansion Flow
Sarah Beston

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Thank you again. Love this one.
Thanks, Eric ! Have a wonderful weekend!
Great way to start our morning. Thanks!
Hi Kit & Dee Dee ! New practices coming on July 4! Have a wonderful week!
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A momentous practice for me, as this was the first time I achieved Wheel Pose, since those early days as a teenager. I feel so very happy and peaceful. Now to achieve Crow as well and I will be extremely happy! Thank you.
Hi Sarah, Wow! I am so happy to share in this special moment with you! Wheel is one of those funny poses that seems to be so easy when we are young, and over time can certainly become less accessible to us. With the right build up and technique, it can be a beautiful and satisfying pose. With crow, start by lifting one foot up off the earth, place it back down, and then the other for a while and see if that helps. Keep me posted! All the very best, Sarah
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Such a beautiful practice!! Thank you
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Thank you, Laura! Happy to be able to practice together today! xo
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Beautifully paced practice, thank you so much Sarah. I still can't get to full wheel but the benefits of bridge speak for themselves. Now that I've completed the show I'll go back to the 20 minute Yoga Flows. Namaste.
Hi there, Glenford N! Full wheel is a challenge for me some days as well! I actually am loving bridge a lot more these days. So happy to see you back in 20-minute flows! Hope to film more soon! 
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