45 Minute Yoga Flows: Moon Fire Flow
Rosemary Garrison

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Thank you, Rosemary! Your guidance fans out across the years... Last I practiced this one was 2 years ago! Still beautiful and inspiring. Be well!
This makes me smile, Kate M . I'm happy to know the teachings hold up over time. Be well, beauty. 
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Really love this practice. Thank you 
Thank you, Gabriel W . So happy to hear this and to share the flow. 
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I love this class! I always plan for an hour class but end up running 10 or 15 minutes late and am like oh no what am I gonna do in 45 minutes and this is now my go to!!! XO
So happy to hear this, Donald G ! Let me know how it changes, evolves for you over time. Be well and enjoy!
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Powerful session. I had so much explosive cardio energy after this (is that normal?). So cool to feel "heat" in my upper back and to consistently find my edge, wobbling at times, but able to refocus. Hope you and your family have a safe and healthy holiday season. Best, David
Thanks, Rosemary, for this wonderful practice! I've enjoyed doing it! Namaste! 💖🌼🌹
My pleasure, Sandra Židan ! So glad you enjoyed it. Namaste. 
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Another great class!
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