45 Minute Yoga Flows: Grounded and Fluid Flow
Rosemary Garrison

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Thank you for this brilliant practice. Double pigeon totally beyond me... one day maybe. X 
My pleasure! I am curious to hear how double pigeon evolves, please keep me posted on any changes. 
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A perfect afternoon re-energising practice. Thank you Rosemary!
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Love this series. Perfect after another week of sitting/driving to come home and take care of my body! XO
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So grateful for the ability to practice with you here today in this way. Thank you. Lots of shantis.
So much love, Lori. Miss you... and eager to back in Ojai soon! 
Thanks, Chris ! This makes me smile. Enjoy. 
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That was so fun! I noticed someone mennntioning this practice being a trust builder, I love that!
Mmmmhhhh, I love that too, Renee . Thank you! Be well. 
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One of my favorites :) 
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