45 Minute Yoga Flows: Strong and Expansive Flow
Rosemary Garrison

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Awesome! I'm loving this show. And your leggings.
Yay! Thank you, Cindy! ; )
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This was a beautiful stress buster for me. I love the gentle but deliberate approach, along with the nice long holds getting into all the nooks and crannies of the body and the mind. I feel rinsed out and ready to go!
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Such skillful, soothing instruction. And the practice was both classic and creative, all at once. Thank you Rosemary!
Thank you, Jenny! I love the way you phrased this. Clearing out the body *and the mind* is such a fantastic feeling. Enjoy!
Thank you, Elissa! Classic and creative- wow. Just what I hope for, so happy to know it came across! Enjoy.
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Thanks. Your gracefulness made me relax while I worked
Thank you, Lauri. That sounds a lot like sthira and sukha, wise effort and ease. Or strength and softness. Or... working while relaxed. Brava! ; )
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gosh rosemary - loving this season ...so soothing your voice! thank you....have a beautiful day!
Yay! Thank you, Michelle. It is such a JOY to share it... and to hear that you are enjoying it. Namaste. Xxo
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