45 Minute Yoga Flows: Strong and Expansive Flow<br>Rosemary Garrison

45 Minute Yoga Flows: Strong and Expansive Flow
Rosemary Garrison

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Haley M
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Yummy 2am yoga sesh! Thanks for helping me stay awake and keep my mind clear during my night shift! xoxo
Rosemary Garrison
Wow, Haley. That is some amazing discipline. So glad the practice helped carry you through the night. Enjoy!
Erika H
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EXACTLY what I needed! Thus securing Rosemary Garrison 's title of "My #1 Go-To Yoga Anytime Instructor."
Rosemary Garrison
Wow, Erika ! Thank you so much. I'm honored and humbled. Enjoy!
Katya A
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Thank you for such a soothing and flowing practice! One of the best I have done!
Rosemary Garrison
My pleasure, Katya . It's a joy to share!
Kit & Dee Dee
Wonderful way to enter the weekend. Thank you.
Kate M
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So lovely to follow this class with you today. I'm just back from a trip overseas, finding my ground again... thank you, Rosemary.
Rosemary Garrison
Oh yes... that reconnecting after a long trip. I am so happy if this practice helped. It's a joy to share. Enjoy...
Veronica L
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Thank you! I love the creative transitions in this sequence. Beautiful class!
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