Good Morning Yoga: Morning Chill Session
Alana Mitnick

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You have such a beautiful energy Alana, it's great to practice with you. Thank you
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Beautiful and yummy practice! Thank you so much Alana Mitnick . A great morning opening for every part of my body.
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I was under protest about getting on my mat and this was a delicious practice to clear the stubbornness! Thank you.
Hi Claudia-Sam, Just seeing your message... I'm delighted to be practicing together. Stay close and connect in with any questions or insights. Warmly, Alana
Hi Janeissy, I'm so glad you enjoyed this practice awhile back! I am for some reason just now seeing your message... stay tuned for a new season of practices coming! Love, Alana
Chrys, I completely know the feeling... and love how your word this. So true. The Yoga really does work. So glad you're here! xoA
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This was exactly what I was looking for and needing this morning. It has affected my mood positively; I was tense and cranky before, now I'm relaxed, full of ease, and ready for breakfast. Thank you Alana!
Hi Shandi, So happy to hear this... I know exactly what you mean! Yoga really works. Wishing you a wonderful day full of ease and nourishment. Love, Alana
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Thanks Alana!  Since we can’t be in the studio together, this is a nice alternative!
Hey Mike! It's so great to hear from you! So happy to be practicing together in this realm. Let me know if you have any questions navigating the site. Take care! Alana 
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