Good Morning Yoga: Morning Chill Session<br>Alana Mitnick

Good Morning Yoga: Morning Chill Session
Alana Mitnick

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Alana Mitnick
Hi Nancy S, Wonderful to hear from you! Yes, love this pace and flow before bed to unwind and let go. So happy to be in the flow of Yoga together. Love, Alana 
Fernanda O
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Wonderful 😊
Kerry N-W
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Thank you--you are such an intuitive teacher. Grateful!
Alana Mitnick
Fernanda O, So delighted that you enjoyed this practice! Thank you for being here with us! Love, Alana 
Alana Mitnick
Kerry N-W, Thank you for joining me in Yoga! So happy and grateful for your presence and sharing. Love, Alana 
Lenise Jay
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Very chilled, just what I needed, thank you! 😊
Alana Mitnick
Excellent, Lenise Jay! So glad you made time for yourself to practice. Love, Alana 
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