Good Morning Yoga: Brighten Your Day
Alana Mitnick

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New to YogaAnytime, your video was the first I've done. I LOVE this sequence--especially the use of blocks. Its fun to introduce students to props, the possibilities are almost endless. Thank you for a wonderful and inspiring class 🙏🏽
Hi Wendy, Welcome! So glad you're here and enjoyed the practice. Yes, the possibilities are almost endless... offering support and space to lengthen while feeling held. Enjoy! Yoga Anytime is an amazing resource and there are so many wonderful teachers and practices to discover. xoA
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That was just perfect for early evening for me, actually! Will try it in th morning and I loved using the blocks!!!
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It was for using the blocks for upward facing dog. It was so much easier to do it with blocks - now I know and use blocks to assist. Thanks, Alana!
Hi Raquel. Ahhh, I am just now seeing your comment. So glad to hear that you loved using the blocks in your practice. They are one of my favorite go-to props to help offer a bit more support and length. Keep me posted! xoA
Hi Jeannie, So great to hear from you. Blocks are some of the best assistants. I love the feeling of openness that I get in upward dog with the blocks. Keep me posted on what you're discovering in your practice. Warmly, Alana
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This practice is super fun, and I enjoyed the interesting differences using the blocks afforded. Thanks so much, Alana Mitnick .
Lori, I'm glad so you enjoyed this one... love the blocks and the extra length and opening they offer. Enjoy your holiday practice time! xoA
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Hi Alana, I loved your use of the blocks in this practice! I've been struggling with sciatica and a sore right hip, and using the blocks allowed me to step right through into a lunge on the right with no trouble at all. Thank you for the great modification!
Hi Pascale - I'm sorry to hear about your sciatica and right hip, AND I'm so glad to hear that the blocks offered the right amount of support and height to access a lunge (which is so helpful for stretching the thigh and releasing the psoas). You might explore Sphinx Pose (a backbend on the belly / forearms) to help with the sciatica, as well as Bridge Pose or Locust Pose.

We do have a Yin Yoga practice with Kate Smith that targets Sciatica Relief

As always, listen to your body and modify as needed. Keep us posted on your yoga journey! With Love, Alana
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