45 Minute Yoga Flows: Flow for Strength
Dana Slamp

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One of my favorite series for sure!!
Mary B Great to have you practicing with us!
Loved this practice and this one was my favourite, it’s the best approach to get into Eka-Pada koudinasana … finally got there!
Robin B I am so happy to hear it!  Thanks for sharing - you never know who can benefit from a new approach.
Energizing sequence! Loved it, Dana Slamp . And thank you for sharing your lovely voice with us too..!
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Kate M So glad the yoga works! It was my pleasure. 🙏
This was so beautiful and complete. I still find it difficult to lift my back leg in Eka Pada but will get there. I like the challenge of it for sure and the singing at the end just makes your yoga practice even more unique and beautiful! Thank you so much!!!! Katya
Katya A thanks for writing in! I love a complete class, and I’m happy this resonates with you too.  All the best, & practice on!
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