Kundalini Rising: Awakening the Ten Bodies
Sukhdev Jackson

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Thank you so much! For the first time I enjoy yoga! Have been doing it for almost 2 months and it's better and better. I cry and smile and have so many feelings together 😍.
Have one question - Can I hold all the positions for 2 or 3 minutes instead of the 1 you teach it? And if yes, how many frogs in the end? 
Thank you so much for you videos 🙏
this looks so beautiful and i wonder if its safe during pregnancy to practice?
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I am at day three out of forty, and enjoying the benefits of this practice immensely. Thank you :)
I have a question :) After performing this practice, I feel immensely energised. My partner always feels deeply tired afterwards though, and feels like sleeping a lot. This is strange, because normally, he is very active. Does anybody have an explanation for this? Thanks!
Hi Sukhdev, I have a question, I started the 40 days of this kriya and I would like to know if women can continue practicing when the pediod is coming. Thank you!
Thank you very much Ash A for your answer!
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