Yoga for Our Nature: Elemental Soup
Melina Meza

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Felt fantastic after this :)
Great news and I hope you enjoy the follow up videos just as much.

With heart,
Great class! Grateful to receive a full-spectrum practice in the moments I had while my little girl watched an episode of "Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood." Thank you!
you are so welcome and thanks for tuning in!
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I really enjoyed this practice as well. Also felt great afterwards.
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wonderful ted and i hope you too enjoy the new ones coming out each week.

loved your calm energy, loved that you gave alternatives, loved the sequence and loved your great instructions... what can i say except that i absolutely loved this practice... much love and an infinity of thank yous
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awe...thanks for the kind words kimberley! i hope you enjoy the rest of the series.
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Thank you Melina! Great way to start the day!
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Nice complete sequence. especially in such a short time. Thank you
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