Yoga for Our Nature: Elemental Soup
Melina Meza

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Ahhhhh elemental soup for the soul!
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I've been trying different classes on this site, and this one really hits the mark for me and at the level I am at right now. I'm not much of a morning person but I can see myself getting up to do this one. Very easy to follow and it helped me to know where I am weaker and need to build upon. Really enjoyed this class, thank you.
Thank you, Melina. It was a nice, quick, morning fire-builder and elemental smorgasbord. Soooo appreciated!

Could you give a little more detail to those poses where it is harder to see your positioning through the screen? For example, I struggled through headstand because I couldn't understand how you were keeping your head off the ground while the hands were remaining clasped and feet were coming up.

I will keep practicing and watching! Thank you again.
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Hi Kelley ~
I just watched that section for you and I realize its hard to see for lots of reasons....especially because my hair is in the way! Basically, my fingers stay laced and wrist press together to make a fist. Walk your feet toward your elbows and make sure you can keep your head off the floor here w/heels lifted high! One foot always stays on the floor for this set.
Root down through the wrist area and forearms while lifting hips/legs as we do in down dog. My head never touches the ground, it simply dangles between my arms bones as I lift my tailbone toward the sky.
Since I can't see's hard to say what's happening on your end but try and get your hips and shoulders to lift away from the earth enough that your head doesn't touch the floor! I hope that helps?
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I love the little trick in the end where you warm up your hands and place them over your eyes. Idk why but doing that to myself really calmed me.
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I loved the finishing with the warm hands on the eyes
I enjoyed the twisting poses
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Fantastic session. Loved the pacing...instructive without being intrusive.
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Your style of teaching is quite similar to mine - so I felt very comfortable. I especially like you giving your students time at the end to do whatever their bodies want. I have asked at the end if anyone wants another asana, but this is even better as I think they are shy. Love having them just do their own thing and explore their own bodies. THANKS!
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Nice quick practice to awaken all elements. I also liked the sequence. Thank you.
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