Yoga and the Somatic Experience: Week 5: Space Body
Suniti Dernovsek

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You are a wonderful teacher. What a pleasure to be guided by you! Thank you! Sat Nam!
Cassia, thank you for your sweet words. I really love being here on yoga anytime. Glad we could connect! 
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Loving the entire course, I think I'll stick with this video for a longer while :)
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Awwww thank you lovely Suniti for this wonderful somatic experience, I have really enjoyed practicing with you, you are one of the best teachers I have found yet! The last class in particular was magical 💫 xx
Sarah, Thank you for sharing. I'm so glad these practices resonated with you.
Thank you Zuzanna! 
Suniti, this was a beautiful class and a delightful series. So great to spend some time with you, even it it's not in person. - Ammon
Hi Ammon! What a sweet surprise seeing your name here. I'm glad you enjoyed the series! You are missed in Portland. Sending love
Dear Suniti, practicing Somatic Yoga wiyh you was a unique discovery experience. Feeling rather than doing, changes the outlook. Here and now I really enjoy to feel all the senses talking to each other, sharing informations on the space around and inside me.
Now I'm ready for the next season with you. 
Thank you
Hi Francesca Venturini, Thank you for your reflection. It is beautiful to hear a deepening into your experience!  That is what I hope for. I'm glad you found this series supportive. Much love!
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