Gentle Yoga: Breathe Easy
Alana Mitnick

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I really enjoyed the peace tranquility and energy I felt after your Calm and Centered routine. Thanks Alana.
Glenford, Nice work! So happy you felt peace tranquility and energy after your practice. That's the magic! Namaste, Alana 
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Thank you Alana, this is a wonderful practice. I found the use of the belt very helpful and I was able to really focus fully on my breathing and notice the changes. I love to use this practice to unwind before sleep.  
Wonderful, Anne! So glad you found the use of the belt helpful to help come into relationship with your breath. I too love practicing like this before sleep to help unwind the body/mind. Thank you for being here! Love, Alana 
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So, I just closed my eyes and pretended I was at the Shala.
Awe... so sweet Lori. Holding your words in my heart. xoA
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Alana thank you for clear word of instruction and smooth transitions done with optional choices!! I’m so happy I found your class!!
Hi Louisa, It warms my hear to hear from you, truly! I appreciate your kind words and presence. So happy to be practicing together! Love, Alana 
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Lovely, Alana ,so enjoy my mornings with you
So delighted to be practicing together, Soozi. Lovely to hear from you. Enjoy! Love, Alana 
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