60 Minute Yoga Flows: Balance and Shoulder Release
Wade Gotwals

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Love laughing with you, Wade!  Thanks for class!
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Hope this is going to be a long series! Thank you for such an uplifting class, in more ways than one!
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Great class!  Hope you have more like this!
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Loved this practice - thanks Wade
Phuong oh this is awesome, made my day!
Barbara great to hear from, theres quite a few in the series similar but your feedback is great so we know what kind of flows to create!! thanks for sharing
LOUISE you are on a roll, so glad you are going for it!!
Hi Juliet ! I had such a great time making this series so Im glad  you are feeling it and Im sure more will be in the works!

And thank you  for bringing us this wonderful sequence.
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Hi Christel , thanks for joining in this series so great to hear from you!
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