60 Minute Yoga Flows: Get Bendy
Wade Gotwals

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This was just delightful... Sooo much fun to be lead into surprising places - like Bird of Paradise, Hanumanasana, reclined Digasana...! I feel so good in my body and mind right now! Thank you Wade : )
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 Kate - Yes you are feeling it, I hope you share the good energy with people around you, lucky them! Thanks so much for sharing with me!
This is the best class - the combination of strength and stretching and opening up the side body is delightful. doing this sequence every week has undone much of back/upper neck pain and is a great stress reliever - along with Arturo's Peal's classes i feel like i have a pleasurable strategy for minimizing musculoskeletal discomfort. thank you so much! 
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Hi Lailye, this is so good to hear! Glad that you are find the right combo to find balance in your body. Working with side flexion is such a nice space creator for the spine and the muscles attaching to it!
thank you, Wade. i love love love this flow... especially bird of paradise and compass. awesome!! wishing you wellness and peaceful days~~
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Hi Shawn oh we are on the same page w/ bird of paradise and compass, such cool asana of opposition! Thank God for yoga..it's keeping me sane - sounds like you are using the tools too! Hope you are well and sharing the love!
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Thanks for a great class today Wade! :)
HI Linda Thanks for joining and connecting w/ us in the forum!
This was a really amazing class, Wade! It was just what I needed today - I am feeling some extra, much needed space in my body. This sequencing was playful and creative. Miss you... so special to be able to practice with you!
I have never gotten into my bird of paradise with so much ease and spaciousness in my side body. Thank you the internal shoulder rotation in ext. side angle too what an opening !
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