Align with Freedom: 30-Day Yoga Challenge: Day 8: Balance 2
Nathan Briner

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I love the leg stretches in the opening and at the end of this practice.  My bone structure does no allow my hips to open to the side.  Balance poses I need to do at the wall, but half lotus is too painful for my knees,  what could I substitue?
Joan half lotus is a challenge for sure. Cradle the baby is a good option. Also Janusirsasana. You could sit on a bolster and take the lotus leg under the straight leg in instead of the classic lotus fold. Try these out and let me know how they go. 
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Thanks Nathan,  cradle the baby does work for me so I will use that🌾  I have very tight hips
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Loved this one too. I had to keep pausing so I could make the class last longer!
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Got a fresh perspective here of Vasisthasana / Padangusthasana B / Trikonasa / Ardha Chandrasana all being a similar pose with a unique relationship to gravity. Very cool.
Kate yes!! I know I nerd out a little but this kind of stuff just makes me smile! Each version has a different gift. 
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Thank you very much.
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I just love this series and find myself  going back again and again albeit in random order, reaping its benefits.

It kept pausing a few times, busy time of day for internet I'm guessing but it made the class longer (Ali).
Great to hear, Christel! I am so happy to hear that People are going back through the lessons. The subsequent rounds will reveal so many things like new strength and awareness. Stay in touch and I look forward to hearing what you’re discovering :) 
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Love your classes. So calm and enjoyable. Rain
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