Align with Freedom: 30-Day Yoga Challenge: Day 8: Balance 2
Nathan Briner

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Rain, that’s wonderful to hear! Thank you! If you have any friends that would like to try the program please let them know that they can get a free month on Yoga Anytime. They just use the code NATHAN when they are signing up. I would love to see more folks have a chance to enjoy the challenge. 
All my best!
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Today I dragged my butt outta bed early to get up and get my day started, which I've been trying to do for some time. I'm on long service leave. It was cold (mid winter here) and my body was stiff and sore but 3 slow sun salutations into my warm up, i found myself standing there in mountain pose smiling :) and not wanting to be anywhere else but on my Yoga mat - you would never believe me unless you've been there before yourself. The world is beautiful again. Yoga out People!
That’s awesome daniel! I’ve been there, feeing groggy, low mental state and trying to convince myself that getting in the mat is too much effort. But somehow you manage to begin and before you know it life returns to the system, you feel alive and full of light. Nice work!! 
Hi Natan  These are great!  I just finished 8 yesterday.  How do I get to 9?

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Hi Nathan, thanks for the class! I feel that my upper back-pain has lessened. However, I now have lower back-pain. Maybe I am overarching?
Caroline, yes that may be. I also find that in back bending students often let gravity do all the work and forget that they need to activate their back muscles to take them into the arch.  Just using gravity tends to compress the vertebrae. 
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Nathan, you are a wonderful teacher! I find myself questioning some placement and then you answer it or feeling some emotion and then you address you. Wow! Can I do these practices twice a day? Too much?
You address "it" not "you." Although that would be ok, too!
Thank you so much Kerry N-W. I think we all have similar experiences in these poses and that’s what I like to share and teach through. Emotions or questions come up and it’s nice to know that we are not alone in the experience. Twice a day is fine but listen to your body and your head. You’ll naturally start to ease back when you’re getting overloaded. 
All my best!
Hi Nathan, in boat pose, is the lower  back rounded or are we trying to keep it straight  and get up on our sit bones thus creating  a sharp V?
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