The Bhakti Show: Happy and Free
Astrud Castillo

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Martha ahhh so happy you stopped by and enjoyed!!!!
I really enjoyed this practice. Adding it to my favorites!
Embracing the whole world with this chant: LOKAH SAMASTHAH SUKINOH BHAVANTU _/\_
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This was my first exploration of Bhakti. Loved the peaceful flow. Will definitely be back to try more. Thank you.
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This was so good and the closest I’ve ever come to a head stand. Thank you for such good instruction!❤️❤️
Tonia Ahh so good Tonia, its a wonderful feeling! Just keep close at hand with your breath, come up on that inhale and engage those shoulders! Big love..
Fun practice!
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I did it!
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Tonia! So wonderful!!! xok
Renee we are free, we just forget!!! Big love..
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