Yin Yoga: Expansive Yin
Jeanne Korn

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Awesome.  Just what my tight hips needed.  I feel it all the way down to my feet.
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This beautiful yin managed to get me out of my head full of racing thoughts and into a delicious meditative state...your gentle demeanor is the perfect tonic for these stressful times 🎋
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My hips thank you! It was so peaceful and calming to my whole body. Thank you for guiding me into a place of peace. Namaste!
Hi Nonie, Wonderful to hear!  I'm so glad you enjoyed this practice!
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Thank you Jenny!  Yes, our Yoga practice has that energetic quality doesn't it!  Out of the head and into the body, yes a much needed calm during these times.  So glad you enjoyed! 
Hi Tracy, what sweet insights, Thankyou! So glad the practice brought you peace, Namaste!
Couldn’t do the last pose, my knees wouldn’t let me go back, be good to get a variation as this is level one. Loved the hip opening pose, simple but so effective.
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Hi Leigh, Thankyou for reaching out with this question, yes there are some good alternatives  for the last pose; reclining half Hero's pose, which is a great stretch for the front of the leg, up into the  abdomen and torso.
I find this below reclining lunge  is a good alternative.  Explore how this feels for you and keep me posted!  We can explore additional variations as well.
Thanks again:)
Yay Yin!  So sweet! Thank you! 
Jessie  EnJ0Y! keep me posted!
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