Yin Yoga: Expansive Yin
Jeanne Korn

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I've really enjoyed doing this practice! Thanks, Jeanne! Regards!
i just started the yin practice.  started with the most recent season 5 episode 8 and couldn't do the last pose (my leg couldn't bend the way you did it).  is there a way to start "yin yoga" -- is the best way to start in season 1, episode one and then it will start to build into the poses? 
Hi Sue,   Thankyou for reaching out, I understand the challenge, it's taken a long time to ease into this pose.  Here are some steps that may support you.
See: jeannekorn.weebly.com
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Soooooooo good!! Thank you
What a beautiful practice!  I thoroughly enjoyed it.  And I loved what you said about staying on the sweet side of the edge - I've written that down and will remind myself of this.  Thank you so much, Jeanne!
so expansive, my spine loved these poses.
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