Move to Meditate: Willpower Flow
Nuria Reed

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What a wonderfully led meditation for the end of this session of innovative asana. Namaste
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Christel And what a pleasure to share practice this with you! Namaste. 🙏🏼
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Innovative and well-guided flow.. and great to sit at the end. Many thanks!

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Thank you for beautiful guided flow and meditation. Loved the creative twist on traditional poses. :)
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Thanks for a beautiful practice and calming meditation. My hips have never felt better,  I back to the Glenford glide  and feel years younger. Namaste. 
 Shawn Thank you! I am glad you enjoyed the innovation. 
Hi Tracy! Thanks for being here and appreciating creativity. 

Hi Glenford! Happy to have assisted you in reclaiming the Glenford Glide. It sounds like a beautiful saunter. 
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Hi Nuria. Thanks to you I'm flowing and glowing through my day spiritually emotionally and physically. 
Thank you for a wonderful class. i loved the King Cobra1
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