Soulful Flow: Grounded Earth Energy
Sarah Beston

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I’ve been waiting for this chance to practice one of your live classes Sarah, and this was well worth the wait...such a sweet and grounding practice and what a gorgeous view! I had to laugh because the wind is whipping here in Connecticut this morning, so we even had some synchronicity going on 🌬🌵🌳🌞
Hi Sarah!  Thanks so much for this new 60 min Yoga Flow Series Live from Joshua Tree!  Did it this morning here in my home studio in Baltimore and I just loved it!    
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So happy that we were able to practice together live, Jenny and love that the wind was blowing in Connecticut as well! I miss the east coast so much. Being together in practice is certainly one of the silver linings of this time. Hope to see you "live" again next week. All the best!
Thank you so much for joining, Pamela Macht! So happy to be practicing together in this way during this time and hope to see you next week. Enjoy the rest of your week!
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thanks Sarah. Loving your work all the way from Sydney’s northern beaches. Cheers, Paul & Sue.
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A beautiful, supportive, familiar and grounding practice. So lovely to see Joshua Tree from my rainy, windy home in Washington State.
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Dear Paul and Sue, wow—so cool that you are joining all the way from Sydney! So happy to be practicing together here on Yoga Anytime. Stay close and let me know how your practices are going. Warmly, Sarah
Dear Martha—so lovely to be practicing with you here! Rainy and windy Washington State sounds so beautiful right now. I love the desert and really miss the rain. Looking forward to continuing to practice together. Warmly, Sarah
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I decided to Take my practice out of my happy place my porch.I randomly selected your class on grounding. It was perfect For my space today Thank you for the great class!
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