Dynamic Flow: Heart Opening Flow
Robert Sidoti

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My Pleasure Paul B !! It’s been so fun offering these classes, thank YOU for being here! 
Thanks so much for being here Corinne M - always a pleasure seeing and reading your comments! 
Hey there Lina S ! Thanks for your comment and for practicing with us here! I hear you and understand why some would think it’s best to practice Camel later in the practice - I feel done with care early on, it can feel good and quite opening - glad it felt good for you! 
Hi Nam T :)) Thank you for your very uplifting and positive comments, I see all of them and appreciate them and YOU! 
Fabian H !! Always so positive and supportive, thank you my friend for being here! 
Hey there Sahil K :)) So happy you enjoy these practices and looks like I’ll be ‘seeing’ more of you - keep me posted on how they feel for you! 
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I have so enjoyed these 2 series, and will be repeating them a lot. Is there a series 3 planned?
Hello  Ali ! I'm so happy these practices have worked well for you! Season 3 is a strong possibility Ali!! 
nice and open on a friday morning  :))
Whoa this was challenging for me! Learned a lot, and will do this one a few more times to build my confidence. Thank you Robert Sidoti 
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