Soulful Flow: Move In to Expand Out
Sarah Beston

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This practice stretched out all the kinks and creaks and felt so nice on our first SNOW DAY 😱 here in Connecticut (I’m not ready for this!)
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I’ve been seeing such beautiful photos of that east coast October snow, Jenny S! I always loved the first snowfall growing up. Sending love from sunny Cali. 🎃
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What a delightful Garuda flow.
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Happy to share these practices with you, Christel B! Happy Sunday!
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Thank you so much, Sarah, a beautiful flow to start my week.
My pleasure, Ali! It’s such an honor to be sharing yoga together. Blessings, Sarah
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I feel beautifully balanced. Ready for the day.
That’s wonderful to hear, Martha K! I’m so happy to be practicing together here. Namaste. 
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Thank you for this balancing practice, Sarah. I woke up so achy and stiff today, and that flock of eagles sorted me out. :)
"Flock of Eagles"—love that, Lori C! So happy that you are feeling a little more at ease after practicing. Have a beautiful rest of your week.
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