The Yoga Show with Kira & Friends: Feeling Held and Centered
Kira Sloane

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Thank you so much Kira! This is exactly what I needed today. Much love
Kelsey, thank you for being here and connecting in. xok
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Great video, thanks, #feeling amazing
Sharla T, haha, love that #feelingamazing! So gooood! xok
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This was SOOOO good. I've been playing with gentleness vs. tension in my music playing, and I also had a significant public speaking event this week that was challenging for me. I love the notion that tension is our attempt to feel safe and supported and that releasing the tension requires trust. That trust is something I'll be playing with now as I notice the tension. Thank you!
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Rosanna S, Thank you for sharing your play of this practice in your music and public speaking! And congratulations on getting through that last week, with full blue moon and all! Happy you are here. xoK
Thank you for a lovely practice. It's the morning after election and I needed to breathe. Thank you for your kind familiar voice. Much needed. Love n hugs. Dee Dee
Kit & Dee Dee! So great to see you here! Hope Yoga School is so much fun. Yes, we all need to breathe. xok
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I have never heard or thought about tension as having a holding purpose, but that makes such sense. And is also a little bit sad. But such a useful insight. My savasana felt truly blissful after the shimmying going on in this class! Thank you Kira.
Ali, thank you for being here and bringing so much insight and kindness. xok
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