The Yoga Show with Kira & Friends: Yin into Kindness
Kira Sloane

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Kira Sloane she also has a similar name. Miel. It's nice when they can just about pronounce their own name lol xx
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Amanda P, yes that is how he got his name too! His MEOW as a kitten sounded like "Me You". xo

Kira: I was really sore and then only with our metta lessons did I let go of yesterday in my body. Along the way I laughed, relaxed, day-dreamed, and had so many little joys and left lumbar focalization.  The people who showed up with me in meditation were challenging but new people showed up too. It was a party! 

But today is 9/11. Christine (my partner) was in my heart. She was a few blocks from the World Trade Center. She saw it in analog. I looked over Eagle's Rock this morning on a bike ride and there were ceremonies. The park overlooks the city, and I still remember the smoke from this locale. 
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This should be renamed "Thanksgiving Day Class." With eight of us piled into mom's house, and decades and generations of friction and hurt baking alongside the turkey, I needed the reminders of kindness toward self and releasing expectations around how others should change to make me happier. Thank you. I needed this softening. 
Amy C, LOVE!
Hey Kira: did this one again, and it was a great way to end a three-day weekend. Rode my new gravel bike along the Delaware river with other bike yogis. Bucks County has a spiritual energy that is so beautiful. No cars and lots of people to be in a mettaspace and have lots of serotonin. Wanted to say also that "trust that the Earth has you" guided me through a very traumatic day last week, the day before a house sale. So, thanks! Loved all the lessons in this one and my body needed some kindness. Hope you are surviving your wacky weather.  Oh, and my dogs enjoyed the yin too. Best, David 
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