Welcome to Your Breath: Exhalation
Kira Sloane

Watch this Practice
Lovely sequence to start the day refreshed and focused. Thank you Kira🙏🏼
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That was amazing Kira. I am learning so much about the breath  from these sequences. Thank you.
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Truly appreciative of this series. Practice, skill and complete presence.  An amazing tune up for body and mind.  I literally felt “whole hearted” after the practice today. Thanks Kira!
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I love that M Angela C - feeling “whole hearted” ❤️ it never ceases to amaze me how such a short practice of mindful breathing can be so transformative!
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Agnes Gerritsen, so happy to hear! Thank you for being here. xok
Anne C, right? The breath is incredible! xok
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M Angela C, how wonderful! Thank you for connecting! xok

Jenny S, me too! I am always blown away! xok
Beautiful! Thanks, Kira! Regards!
Sandra Židan, LOVE!
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