Winter Ayurveda Yoga Challenge: Day 2: Core Bright
Melina Meza

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Day 2 for me... had to skip a few days. Really enjoyed this; I had to drop the blocks to complete the snow angels, but was able to follow without them. I really like your guidance style Melina, even when I can't quite see the TV screen I never lose where I am. Looking forward to the next day, Thank you!
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I love the creative ways you have integrated the blocks into this lovely, invigorating practice!
Deepest darkest winter and with low spirits since in lockdown for the 3rd time, I desperately needed such a light inviting practice. Beautifully innovative and I already this wonderful flow will become a staple as we move towards brighter days and times. Thank you!
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Thanks everyone for doing practice and paying attention to the positive results. Wishing you all much health in 2021! 
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Hi Melinda 
I am loving your Yoga challenge! I’ve just finished Day 2 and can’t wait to do Day 3.
I found both days so far really fascinating and it’s so nice to something a little different. I loved the snow angels segment and sun salutations using the block. This really helped me tune into muscles I wasn’t aware of before!
Thanks so much!!!! Happy New Year 
Lou xx
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I so appreciate you all for taking the time to write and share what you are appreciating about the challenge and yoga moves! Hopefully the next few days will continue to offer you new insights into your body and practice. Happy new year!
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I just did this without blocks (I didn't have them), but still really enjoyed it. Tried my best to improvise (used books for the arm portion), but just ordered some blocks for the future so I can do it as intended!
Great idea to use books and to treat yourself to a few blocks! I hope down the road you enjoy the many ways blocks can expand and inspire your practice. Take care!
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You are very inspiring and give great prompts ,thank you for being here.
Thanks for being here Donna!!! Its lovely to hear my prompts are working for you!
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