Yoga Alchemy: Deep Hip Opening<br>Laura Tyree

Yoga Alchemy: Deep Hip Opening
Laura Tyree

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Misty Eve Hannah
Such a peaceful, light practice, thank you so much Laura! Love that you emphasise the importance of restoration as part of our practice. Really loved your calm heart filled approach...yaaaay! Thank you!!!
Laura Tyree
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Sweet! So glad it is helpful to you! Hasta mudras come out soon!!
Erika D
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Loved this calming practice and what a treat to hear your sweet voice during shivasana. xoxoxooxo
Laura Tyree
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It is one of my favorites too. I did a modified version this morning LOL. Keep me posted on your experiences! La
Lydia Zamorano
Laura. Your voice! My heart is expansive and I'm swimming in my hips. Lv
Joan J
Laura I was referred to this practice by another teacher, and I am elated. I have extremely tight hips, hamstrings, and a sensitive low back. This beautiful practice helped to gently stretch and open without the intensity of over doing. I so prefer and enjoy the slower paced sessions where I have time to languish in the pose and experience the gradual release. This is also so restorative, and I love the different ways of getting into a pose, especially I need support under my hip. Loved the support for the feet on the towel during the relaxtion, that was very different for me. I will do this practice morning and evening, to gently get me going. Grateful for your beautiful teaching and lovely voice.
Babette B
Laura Tyree's Hi[ opening video was wonderful.
Jenny S
That voice tho! Feeling cozy and held, as if wrapped in a soft blanket 😴✌️
Laura Tyree
Awe!  Ive got CDs on iTunes...check 'em out!
Bridgid M
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I highly enjoyed this particular practice. It was very calming and peaceful. I had no problem easing into my king pigeon pose. The singing made the practice even sweeter ~ Thank You!
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