20 Minute Yoga Flows: Hamstring and Shoulder Love
Sarah Beston

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Thank you - felt so good!!!!
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Wow!!! That felt amazing! Thank you and Namaste 🙏
You're so welcome, Pat Pao! Thanks for being here!
I am so happy to hear, Anda S! Thank you for sharing and hope to practice with you again soon!
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I have done this practice 3 days in a row now as it is just so good at getting me over a weird (one leg only) sticky hamstring. The flow is the perfect pace for me and I love that I can get this done in 20min + I do an extra 5min of stretching afterwards and feel great! 
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So wonderful to hear, Silvana S! I'm happy to be practicing with you here on Yoga Anytime and wishing you a wonderful weekend. Warmly, Sarah
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