30 Minute Yoga Flows: Get Twisted
Wade Gotwals

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Wowwww! Brilliant sequencing (again) ! And you really packed so much into 30 minutes. So many ideas to play with here... : )
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I knew when I saw Kate’s “Wowwww!” This was going to be a good one 😉 I always learn something new with a “Wade Class” and have so much fun doing it. Thanks for a nice bright spot this Monday afternoon 🙏🏻❤️
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Just wonderful! Feeling the detox of the twisting and moving.
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Hi Kate M how have you been?!  Yes, I am not used to doing shorter classes so I was giving everyone an extra serving for good measure !!! Hahah
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Hi Jenny S We need to give you some sort of 'high five' or 'virtual award' for sharing and always bringing the good energy to the Forum!  THANK YOU!!
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Hi Christel B great to see your posts again and so glad you were feel this one!!
that was awesome! thank you. 
Thanks, Wade, for this great and creative practice! I loved doing it! Namaste! 😊
HI Conrad Kaczor thanks for joining the series! So happy you connected with it!
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Great to hear from you Sandra Židan thanks for sharing with the forum and love that you loved getting twisted!!
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