Mandala Yoga: Fluid as Water
Jennifer Prugh

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Great practice, Jenn. I am so grateful to have your presence in my life!
Wonderful Marianna! So glad to know we're connected in some capacity right now!!
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Such a beautiful class, thank you
Thank you so much, Sophie! I appreciate knowing that you enjoyed it!
You are welcome, North Frank! Many liked this particular show and I'm glad!
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I'm starter practitioner and it was so easy ... you're so clear in your teaching... it really was fluid!
Wonderful Isela! Thanks so much for the feedback. I love this particular series and I'm glad others do as well.
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That was a lovely "old-school" practice, complete with long holds that seem to be more rare these days. Top that off with your knowledgeable and insightful commentary, and this was pretty much perfect.

Hey thank you very much Jenny!
It was funny. Kira who runs Yoga Anytime, upon seeing the way I practice, also said "old school." And that's great because I loved a particular era of vinyasa, when postures were first being linked together and we had time to savor the moment in a shape. Thank you very much for your feedback! Best to you!
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