Good Morning Yoga: Twisting Flow
Alana Mitnick

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Thank you Alana for another beautiful practice which I dedicated to my 20 year old son Elliot. I could have stayed in pigeon pose all day, my hips felt open and so relaxed. I liked your phrase " ease with effort" and will take it into my day. I had a few issues with the video jamming but was able to continue the poses just by following the instructions of your voice. Namaste.
Great to hear, Glenford. Your dedicated yoga practice is inspiring. Wishing you a easeful and enjoyable day. Namaste!
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This was a beautiful practice to start my day. I loved the twists and the pigeon pose. Thank you Alana.
Wonderful to hear, Alison. So delighted to be practicing together. Wishing you a beautiful day. xoA
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Great class Alana!  Thank You!😊
Hi Mike! Great to hear from you! Thank you for joining me. Enjoy, Alana 
THANK YOU ALANA!  My mom and I love your practices, and I just sent one to my sister to try.  She also loved it.  Do you have any one hour practices?  Thank you.  Have a nice week!  Stay safe.  - Anastasia (Brooklyn, NY)
Anastasia T, You are so welcome! Your message brought a huge smile to my face. I am so happy to be flowing into Yoga together! I have two seasons of hour long practices that were filmed LIVE in my home living, Slow Flow & Meditation. Keep me posted on how these practices feel for you, your mom, and sister.  Wishing you a safe, healthy, and nourishing week! Love, Alana 
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Thank you Alana for getting back to me.  Going to take your class shortly.  :)
Wonderful, Anastasia T. Enjoy and stay close! Love, Alana 
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