Inner Workings: The Practice of Affection
Kira Sloane

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I chose this practice today as I will soon be called upon to be supportive in a disharmonious relationship. I have been bracing myself and focusing on not being reactive and trying to find affection. To be reminded by you that I can instead focus on how I feel when I feel it, and choose to self-sooth is extremely helpful. It is allowing me to feel softer about the whole thing and less fearful. And releasing me of the concept of how I "should" be in this relationship. So thank you Kira!
So happy to hear this, dear Marleen. Stay close. xok
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I practiced this sequence today after a few days without a full yoga practice. I feel now very peaceful and restful. Thanks Kira. I was also very well surprised to notice I had to look for someone I'm in a disharmonious relationship !!!
Ana Love. This is wonderful news! xok
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Thank you for such a great experience with the inner work. I brought a previous pet (best dog ever) into heart space and tears of gratitude fell ;) I felt so protected in his presence that the disharmonious relationship was a breeze. Cheers!
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Dear Linda, your story makes me so happy. xok
Such a lovely practice Kira, thank you! I found I had difficulty settling on a single being for whom I have easy affection, a lovely reminder for which I was grateful, though it took me longer to settle in. But once I did, I felt so much lighter and a sense of expansiveness and freedom that I miss deeply when I am caught up in my anxiety. The disharmonious relationship was one I have tried hard to forget and was reluctant to allow in, but I was amazed at what a safe and calm place I could come back with the previous memory of affection and the joy at the realization that my affectionate relationships far outnumber the disharmonious ones. It is a lesson and a practice that I will return to and try to carry with me. What a gift! Thank you!

Also, can I just say that I absolutely love your language and the words you use? (I happen to be a bit of a language junkie :) With it you offer a space of such joy and affection in and of itself!
Hallie! I so appreciate your willingness to dive in and thank you so much for such a great yogi scientist report! Miss you and hope to see you soon. xok
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"Like a chaser!" :) :) :)
This was awesome today thank you so much!
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And regarding yoga scientist feedback; I could not believe the 'entry' of my disharmonious relationship caused what felt like my normal 'feeling'... like I must be holding this internal energetic posture all the time! My lovey harmonious entry felt nice, but not until I felt my regular disharmonious self did I realize how fluffy and lovely my harmonized body should be! Hoping to replace my habitual "grrr" with fluffy love as a result of this practice. Thank you again.
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