Inner Workings: The Practice of Affection
Kira Sloane

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Elaine, isn't it amazing? Great work. xok
Wow! I'm in the midst of a disharmonious relationship and constantly finding myself not knowing the answers. You reassured me that this is okay. It's magical how thinking of a harmonious relationship can make me feel warm and fuzzy, bringing tears of joy. When thinking of my disharmonious relationship, everything became tense and tears of sadness instantly began streaming as though they were rushing to let out. The tears of joy were slow and "safe", and conversely the tears of sadness were fast and disgruntled. Facing the disharmonious relationship with the feelings of affection was tough in the beginning (maybe because I was anxious about the disgruntled tears happening again), but when I set my mind to just doing it and telling myself that I CAN, I felt a sense of content--a sense of "okay, I can face it". What a beautiful self reassurance. Thank you for the reminders that I am capable of changing my emotions at any moment with the power of my mind and body.
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Dearest Paige, you are amazing! Thank you so much for so generously sharing your experience. We are in this practice together. With Love, Kira
Wow, this was amazing! I found out why I have had constant trouble with my T3,4? feeling fused.
I noticed (with the disharmonious relationship), I put a kind of pressure on that area by sort of pressing my shoulders down and pushing forward through the sternum...getting ready to fight!!! So, I'm going to try to experiment in everyday remembering the physical feeling in my body, (particularly my back), when I am thinking of a harmonious relationship. Then when I am experiencing a disharmonious relationship, I will try to emulate this physical position and feeling. Yay for you and your beautiful informative, holistic and helpful!
Wow, Nadia! Amazing discovery! Great work! Stay close. xok
Hi Kira. Potent work! At least what I could do... it "always" (and I've tried it three times now on different days, different times) won't stream for me past 45mins 10secs.... So weird! Other videos work fine... So I gave up on video and do audio only... Love seeing you here...
Elissa, sorry to hear you are having trouble with the videos. I will follow-up with an email. All the best, Sarah
Thank you for this, Kira. I'm working through season 1. I started with your 10 minute Breath talk and worked forward up through today's talk. These four practices are affecting my energy body on a deep level, and I've been having some very intense dreams since starting.

I'm 62 years old, a survivor of chronic childhood trauma, and I've been doing yoga for almost 30 years, but never worked at this level before. You provide a strong sense of safety even from a distance. I feel as if some gnarled thing in me is unclenching because it is feeling that it can do so securely. I'm looking forward to moving through all seasons of Inner Workings. Thank you again.
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Dearest Ruth Henriquez Lyon , I am so happy to hear. Thank you so much for sharing. I am sorry to be late to respond. I was at Meditation Summer Camp. Please stay close. Love, Kira Sloane
Thank you so much!!!
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