The Vinyasa Show: Warm up Your Day
Jessica Garay

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This is great. For me, it fits at the beginning of a morning before work when I may not always make enough time for a longer session. Thank you
great warm up first thing in morning when time is limited....
Thank YOU Kathleen & Kim! Happy that you enjoyed the class! I have a few more of these coming your way in season 7! Stay tuned :) xoxo
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Whoosh! A good clean flow. Thank you for guiding, Jessica.
Thank you Simon :)
thank you, needed that!
Perfect for a busy morning!!
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I'm new here, I loved this and intend doing for my wake up session Thank you, Jessica, I love your style
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That was my first yoga class EVER. I enjoyed it so much and I intend to do a different exercise every mornint! Thank you!
Thank you! Perfect little afternoon pick me up! :)
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