Healthy Happy Sexy: Water Flow: Ease and Surrender<br>Katie Silcox

Healthy Happy Sexy: Water Flow: Ease and Surrender
Katie Silcox

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Anne J
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Completely lovely practice in every way - yay!
Zoe T
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Wonderful, unexpected. Thank you!
Elaine Fox
Wow, such a freeing, grounding practice. I feel completely relaxed and loose. Thank you!
Christine L
Beautiful practice! My mantra for today is "No struggle". My hips feel wonderfully open, and I feel at ease, even though I am facing difficult challenges in my life right now. I can face these challenges, but I don' have to struggle!

Joanne D
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Goodmorning your classes are beautiful please can we have some more ! Do you ever do workshops / retreats in Europe? Warm wishes x
Paige G
LOVED this practice! I feel so connected to myself :)
Astrid U
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Aaaahhhh just what I needed!!!!! Great sequence! Thank you!!!!
Kelsey L
Really connected with the water concept and the fluid motions - lovely sequence.
Michelle F
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hola Katie - thanks for the watery love!
I first encountered that "firelog" pose oh, easily 10+ years ago on the Paul Grilley Foundations of a quiet practise dvd. When i saw it I thought - "oh that looks cool and easy" and just could not believe how difficult, actually impossible it was for me. Today you said" if you´re a big strong guy your firelog may look like this" which really made me smile cos what you demonstrated was EXACTLY my firelog - still! and I am soooo the opposite of a big strong guy!!! I just keep trying it however and making it "watery" somehow made it less yuccky! Felt good afterwards !
Lianne M
Thanks loved the practice...
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