Healthy Happy Sexy: Water Flow: Ease and Surrender
Katie Silcox

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Katie I love your Revive and Restore practice, and enjoy that every night. This watery practice is lovely, so soothing and quite mesmerizing. The undulations into each pose make them so much easier, and my hips feel more open by the end of the session. My bone structure will not allow me to do firelog, so I enjoy butterfly. I so enjoy the different positions in pigeon you bring to us. I feel like a piece of sea kelp waving under the ocean as I enter into each posture. Grateful for this fluid and intuitive session. Be well.
Wow. I feel like I transported to another realm. Metta.
I think I just found my new favourite evening practice. Thank you. I love all the free movement. I especially loved the exploration of pigeon pose and those gorgeous variations.
This practice was completely me!  So easeful, but also very deep.  Thank you so much Katie!  Got my yoga bliss on :)
A beautiful practice led in such a delicious way. Thank you Katie 💫
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