The Sun and Moon Show: Nourishing Flow<br>Brenda Lear

The Sun and Moon Show: Nourishing Flow
Brenda Lear

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Beautiful practice! Lovely transitions.
Brenda Lear
So glad you liked it Wendy.
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I enjoy the repetition! Feel really open.. :)
Elaine Fox
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That was really nicely sequenced! And a great pace. Fabulous. Thank you!
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Thank you so much, really enjoyed this :)
Charlette I
Beautiful practise, beautiful lady. I love your style of teaching. Thank you! x
Tesa Urbonaite Dunn
Lovely! Beautifully balanced yin and yang (vin) practice. Thank you.
Shuvani Safir
Lovely and rejuvenating! :)
Lupe S
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Great movement stretch. First time.
Marissa E
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Great peaceful and restorative class. Brenda, will you be creating/posting any more classes in the near future? (I hope so!) Thank you.
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