Bend It Like Bex: Deep in the Hips
Rebecca Urban

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did this right after 'clear and strong'... really enjoyed the gentle twist and squats in this class.
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This was exactly what I needed today!
thanks, it is always great to unpack the hips...keep on moving! love love
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Rebecca...Your classes are incredibly insightful, adventurous, and inspire curiosity on and off the mat. Thank you so much for your sharing your wisdom and play! I look forward to more and plan to share with my classes:)
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What a sublime practice - love the spirit of this teacher. High fives, fist bumps, and Oms all around. Thank you!
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Rebecca, I love love love your teaching style - funny, insightful, poetic even! I feel amazing after this practice. Thank you :)
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That was amazing. Thank you.
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Bex, THis class was great for my hips. Glad to be taking your class from my home in Alton Illinois! Hope to geet a class in Corte Madera in August! Thanks!
So happy to hear you all are moving and allowing spaciousness in the body!
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Sending you so much gratitude. Just finished Deep in your Hips sequence. My sacrum was out but now its back in baby!! Thank you.
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