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Steph Winsor

Steph Winsor


With a scratchy little voice and infectious giggle, Steph has a way of brightening any room. A personal love and professional commitment to supporting optimal health, healing, and spiritual opening has led her to infuse her style with material that is both light and of depth. Steph leads yoga, meditation, and educational courses that braid together traditional wisdom of the ancient East and evidence-based Western science. This is often done alongside her sense of humor and through metaphor. Her interests in supporting traumatic brain injury survivors and yogis through her work with the LoveYourBrain Foundation has led her to enroll at Columbia University. Her studies and research are rooted in the efficacy of integrative health interventions, neurorehabilitation, and psychology. But ultimately, Steph believes play is the greatest form of research, and your life is your greatest experiment…Love is the only way you stay committed to that great work.

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Steph Winsor is a Minnesotan with a wild heart now calling New York City home, while studying at Columbia University.

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