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Uschi Gibson

We deeply admire Uschi's capacity to navigate chaos and unchartered waters with beauty, humility, and grace. Her creativity, tenacity, and dedication is mind blowing.
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Born in Germany, Uschi was raised in the rich spiritual arms of the Ojai Valley, home to Krishnamurti and the Theosophical Society. Uschi moved from Ojai, California to Varanasi, India more then 8 years ago to live her dream of working with women in rural communities. Since leaving her former fashion career with Versace, her life has unfolded and blossomed in ways she never could have imagined.

As a yogini and teacher at Lulu Bandha's with Kira Sloane, Uschi cultivated the skills and community support to launch her on her path—inspiring women in India to discover their creativity, recognize their resourcefulness, and to provide the fair trade employment that these women are seeking. Working in partnership with the Krishnamurti Foundation of India’s Rural Center, Uschi serves as the head of the production unit in the Women's Empowerment Program, where she develops programs that give women exposure to valuable educational tools and information. From here, Uschi gave birth to LuckyUschi, a customized clothing line that sources local textiles which are hand-dyed, handwoven, and embroidered, giving employment to Varanasi's traditional artisans.

Uschi founded Lucky Lalita, where she organizes and guides sacred and educational pilgrimages in Varanasi and the region, connecting with urban and rural communities, and sharing her love and reverence for India's vibrant cultural and spiritual traditions with Western pilgrims from around the world. She currently resides in Varanasi, India with her beloved son Varun.