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Jennifer Prugh

Jennifer Prugh


We love Jennifer’s sincerity and vigilant commitment to the Truth.

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Her razor-sharp mind and clear blue eyes let her hang with the big scholars and yoga intellectuals, her compassionate heart penetrates all theory, and her strong arms hold many close. Her yoga sequences reveal a highly developed attention to detail, and her laugh gives away a deep, lusty passionate love of life and its mystery.

A true modern yogini, Jennifer is a yoga practitioner and teacher, an artist and photographer, a writer, business owner, and a mom. Her studio and wellness center, ‘Breathe, Los Gatos,’ offers over 100 classes a week for every level of practice in Silicon Valley. Her school, the 'Joy of Yoga' is a Yoga Alliance certified 200 and 500-hour school and is designed to guide students toward discovering what is possible in life when we bring our whole selves to each moment.

Jennifer leads yoga adventures all over the world and supports the Tibetan Children’s Education Foundation by enthusiastically encouraging people to sponsor the education of children, particularly in developing countries. A professional artist with a master’s degree in Art and Consciousness Studies, she was an associate professor at Cogswell College where she taught storytelling, mythology and creativity for eight years. Jennifer began teaching yoga in 1999 and following the death from cancer of her greatest mentor, her father, Jennifer left higher education to teach yoga exclusively, in the words of Joseph Campbell, “following her bliss.” A practitioner for 23 years, she took refuge in the Buddha Dharma 2010.

Jennifer is currently working on a book of photography of a seven year love affair with the Ganges River. She lives with her husband Will, their son, Liam, and their golden retriever, Hobbes.

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