7-Day Home Yoga Retreat

To be free we need to commit courageously to doing the inner work necessary to create outer change. Join Mia Togo for this 7-day home yoga retreat, where she will share daily 45-minute Vinyasa Flow practices along with coaching and journaling exercises to help you identify the obstacles getting in the way of your truest essence and highest purpose. You will feel renewed, strong, and joyful.



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I love practicing with Mia and would like to continue with her as one of my teachers. Any reccomendations?
Robin, I agree. Practicing with Mia supports my bodies requirement to strength every aspect of who I am. Would love to continue a year long retreat with Mia.
Dearest Robin and Sally McGrew, thank you so much for being here. Mia teaches in LA and leads retreats around the world. You can see her live schedule from her website. Meanwhile, we will ask her to do another program. Warmly, Kira https://miatogo.com/

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