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Integral Anatomy

Join Gil Hedley in a deep and intimate exploration of the human body with his Integral Anatomy Program. These videos are for practitioners who have wanted to explore the body on the level of a dissection but aren't prepared or don't have the opportunity to enter a lab. You can expect to gain new insights about the human body that are sure to impact your field of practice.

This show was filmed and produced by Gil Hedley. It includes videos and photos of dissections of cadavers (embalmed human donors). You can visit his website for more information about his workshops.


Season 1 - The Integral Anatomy Series

The Integral Anatomy Series demonstrates the whole body, layer-by-layer, integral approach to anatomy as developed and taught by Gil Hedley, Ph.D., since 1994, and published on DVD between 2005 and 2009. On-camera dissection shot from the viewers' perspective enables a visual, dimensional grasp of the material with a transformational effect on one's perspective and touch. Characteristic care is taken for the sensibilities of the viewer and the special nature of the subject matter. Visuals are softened with imagery from nature that also conveys a deeper lesson about the human form. These visuals are rare, important, and significantly different from those presented in the conventional, regional approaches to anatomy. Gil invites us to respect our individual comfort zones and take the dissection process one step at a time.


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