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The Mythology Show

Mythology is designed to blow the mind so that we might access deeper aspects of ourselves. Soak in these stories to discover and allow for new dimensions to be revealed. Resist the temptation to seek out the true story, rather let all the possibilities exist. You will never find the same version told twice.

Season 1 - Ganesha with James Boag

In Season 1, James will share epic stories of the elephant deity Ganesha—how he was born, how he got his name, and how he came to be worshipped first.

Season 2 - The Divine Mother with James Boag

In Season 2, James dives into the rich mythology of Mother Divine, sharing the tales of her many names, and singing devotional chants in her honor.

Season 3 - Hanuman with James Boag

In Season 3, James introduces us to the epic poem of Ramayana, or the fifth veda, which tells the story of Prince Rama. Specifically in this season, we will explore a deeper understanding of how to live through the lens of Hanuman.

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